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April 25, 2017
Meet the Candidates Night - Candidates Who Are Attending

Our Meet The Candidates Night is fast approaching.

Here is a list of the confirmed candidates from Harrisburg and surrounding Counties who will be in attendance:

Superior Court

Maria McLaughlin

Commonwealth Court

Todd Eagen

York County Common Pleas Judge

Sandra Thompson

York County Row Offices

Alan Vandersloot – Recorder of Deeds

Maribel Burgos – Recorder of Deeds

Lebanon County Mayor

Joshua Brady

Lebanon County City Council

Royal Marti

Amy Keller

Lancaster County Mayor

Norman Bristol Colon - Lancaster

Lancaster County City Council

Matt Johnson

Janet Diaz

Dauphin County Common Pleas Judge

Lori Serratelli

Dauphin County Row Offices

Diane Bowman

Dauphin County Mayor

Jennie Jenkins - Harrisburg

Gloria Martin-Roberts - Harrisburg

Eric Papenfuse – Harrisburg

Denae House - Steelton

Anthony Harrell - Harrisburg

Dauphin County Row Offices

Dan Miller – Treasurer

Dauphin County City Council

Ben Allatt – Harrisburg

Jeremiah Chamberland - Harrisburg

Shamaine Daniels – Harrisburg

Ausha Green - Harrisburg

Dave Madsen – Harrisburg

Catherine Schelb – Lower Paxton

Frank Lynch – Susquehanna Township Commissioner – 4th Ward

Jamie Karpency – Susquehanna Township Commissioner – 6th Ward

Justin Fleming – Susquehanna Township Commissioner – 8th Ward

Dauphin MDJ

Joshua Feldman – 12-1-02

Destini Hodges – 12-1-05

Hanif Johnson – 12-1-05

Claude Phipps – 12-1-05

Dauphin School Board

Danielle Robinson – Harrisburg

Carrie Fowler – Harrisburg

Josie Byzek – Susquehanna

Jesse Gantt – Susquehanna

Cumberland County Row Offices

Michael Fedor – Prothonotary

Michael Nguyen – Recorder of Deeds

Cumberland School Board

Nicole Miller – Cumberland Valley

Berks County City Council

Ernie Schlegel

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