Protect Your Rights! Vote Democratic.

It is time to Meet the Candidates and hear where they stand on issues important to the LGBT Community.

When: April 9th

Time: 6-9p

Where: Capitol Room at HMAC, 1110 N 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102 (this is on the 2nd floor and handicap accessible)

Candidates in Attendance 

Representative in Congress -

Laura Quick, US House 9th District

Alan Howe, US House 10th District

George Scott, US House 10th District

Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson, US House 10th District

Lt. Governor -

Mike Stack

Bobby Maggio for John Fetterman

Kathi Cozzone

Nina Ahmad

Ray Sosa

State Senator -

Shawn Mauck, 28th District

Emily Best, 30th District (scheduling conflict and she is no longer able to attend)

PA House -

Michael Wascovich, 47th District

Jean Foschi, 88th District

Shanna Danielson, 92nd District

Meggan O'Rourke, 93rd District

Carol Hill-Evans, 95th District

Dana Hamp Gulick, 97th District

Mary Aukers-Enders, 98th District

Cesar Liriano, 101st District

Patty Kim, 103rd District

Patty Smith, 104th District

Jill Linta, 106th District

Rob Myers, 106th District

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Please feel free to order dinner off the menu at the Kitchen before coming upstairs for the event. Cash bar available during the event.

HMAC is LGBTQIA friendly and LGBTQIA owned and operated.To view our press release about Meet the Candidates Night, click here.

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