Protect Your Rights! Vote Democratic.

Below is the list of Candidates, who filled out the Capital Region Stonewall Democrats questionnaire, were seeking and gained our Endorsement, through membership Endorsement Ballots, for the May election.

When viewing the completed questionnaires or when considering your vote in the May election, please keep in mind the following items:

1. keep candidates responses in mind when voting and

2. keep these issues and facts in mind when considering your endorsement vote.

It is important for all LGBTQIA persons and allies to read the candidates position on issues important to our community and if elected we will hold the candidate to their stances articulated in the questionnaire.

US Senate -

Bob Casey *

Representative in Congress -

George Scott, US House 10th District 

Governor - 

Tom Wolf   Gov. Wolf also sent a letter to CRSD 

Lt. Governor -

John Fetterman

State Senator -

Emily Best, 30th District 

Ezra Nanes, 34th District 

Lois Herr, 48th District 

PA House -

Michael Wascovich, 47th District 

Jean Foschi, 88th District 

Shanna Danielson, 92nd District 

Meggan O'Rourke, 93rd District 

Carol Hill-Evans, 95th District 

Dana Hamp Gulick, 97th District 

Mary Auker-Enders, 98th District 

Cesar Liriano, 101st District

Patty Kim, 103rd District 

Patty Smith, 104th District 

Eric Epstein, 105th District 

Jill Linta, 106th District 

Click here for our Endorsed Candidate Hand-Out.

Click here to read our Endorsement Press Release.