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Capital Region Stonewall Democrats May 2017 Endorsement Endorsements

(Click the Candidate's name to see their completed questionnaire.)

Capital Region Stonewall Democrats members in good standing reviewed completed candidate questionnaires, met some of the candidate’s during our Meet the Candidate Night and were asked to cast a ballot for candidate’s seeking endorsement. The questionnaires that the candidates submitted, gave our members a good understanding of where the candidate stood with regard to LGBTQIA issues. Seeking local champions to fight for LGBTQIA and minority issues, our members have voted to endorse the following candidate’s:

Superior Court

Commonwealth Court

Todd Eagen

Ellen Ceisler

York County Common Pleas Judge

Sandra Thompson

York County Row Offices

Maribel Burgos - Recorder of Deeds

Lebanon County Mayor

Joshua Brady

Lebanon County City Council

Royal Marti

Amy Keller

Lancaster County Mayor

Norman Bristol Colon - Lancaster page 1 / page 2

Lancaster County City Council

Matt Johnson

Janet Diaz

Dauphin County Common Pleas Judge

Lori Serratelli

Dauphin County Row Offices

Diane Bowman - Prothonotary

Dauphin County Mayor

Gloria Martin-Roberts - Harrisburg

Denae House - Steelton

Dauphin County City Council

Ben Allatt - Harrisburg

Wanda R. D. Williams - Harrisburg page 1 / page 2

Shamaine Daniels - Harrisburg

Dave Madsen - Harrisburg

Catherine Scheib - Lower Paxton Township Supervisor

Frank Lynch - Susquehanna Township Commissioner - 4th Ward

Jamie Karpency - Susquehanna Township Commissioner - 6th Ward

Justin Fleming - Susquehanna Township Commissioner - 8th Ward

Dauphin County - Harrisburg City Treasurer

Dan Miller

Dauphin MDJ

Barbara Pianka 12-1-02

David O'Leary 12-1-04

Destini Hodges - 12-1-05

Dauphin School Board

Danielle Robinson - Harrisburg

Carrie Fowler - Harrisburg

Judd Pittman - Harrisburg

Josie Byzek - Susquehanna

Jesse Gantt - Susquehanna

Cumberland County Row Offices

Michael Fedor - Prothonotary

Michael Nguyen - Recorder of Deeds

Cumberland Valley School Board

Nicole Miller - Cumberland Valley pg1 /pg2 /p3

Cumberland County - Camp Hill Borough Council

Alissa Packer

Berks County City Council

Ernie Schlegel

Andrew Guth, President of CRSD, said, “it is imperative that in the current American landscape, with the current regime in power, that all members of our beautifully diverse LGBTQIA community exercise our collective power by voting for individuals who will defend and stand out and proud in solidarity with us in their respective positions, who will champion many of our issues and concerns, including equality and protections for all LGBTQIA people, racial justice, and women's rights.

Capital Region Stonewall Democrats hopes that our endorsements will encourage the community at large to vote for candidates who are committed to advancing equality for all.

CAPITAL REGION STONEWALL DEMOCRATS are a Political Action Committee, an organized group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens and straight allies in Pennsylvania’s Capital Region, including Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, and nearby communities.