Protect Your Rights! Vote Democratic.

The Capital Region Stonewall Democrats contacted candidates running for US county and municipal offices in the May 20th Primary Election. Their completed Questionnaires which surveyed their positions regarding LGBT Equality can be accessed below.

Endorsed candidates for the Fall 2014 Election include:

Gubernatorial Candidates
Tom Wolf*

House District
Frederick Sheeler – 5th District*
David Colon – 94th District*
Kevin Schreiber – 95th District*
Tony Crocamo – 98th District*
Bryan Sanguinito - 99th District*
Patty Kim – 103rd District*
Gene Stilp – 104th District*
Kelly Jean McEntee – 105th District*
Jill Sunday Bartoli – 199th District*

Senate District
Linda Small – 28th District*

All Candidates with (*) next to their name or district, have answered the survey questions 100% for LGBT equality and accordingly have earned the CRSD executive board’s recommendation for endorsement. The full CRSD membership had the opportunity to vote on the candidates that actually get endorsed.  These endorsements were announced on May 5, 2014.